Build Another Car Park

from by Paul Liddell




Build another car park / Dodge the tax and pay the bills
Drown the streets in tarmac / Decorate with rubbish bins
Privatise the pavement / Find the cracks and fill them in
‘Til every footstep is forbidden / Hidden echoes of a sin

Build another car park / There’s always room for just one more
Herd the people through department stores to find the only door
To escape the layers of concrete and set foot into a town
Which is identical to the others for a hundred miles around

Build another car park / Because I still know where I am
This town still has some character / Pay to pave it while you can
Don’t build homes for folks to live in / Put up stores then close the doors
My eyes are tired of seeing pound shops ringed by overflowing bins
Build another car park / Burn the Earth and crack the sky
Oil the wheels of the machine with tears from God’s unseeing eye
Build another car park / Fill up each and every space
‘Til every city is identical to every other fucking place

Build another car park / There’s always room for just one more


from The Mean Seeds Of Yield, released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Paul Liddell Sunderland, UK

Paul's modern take on the 'one man band' using live loops, guitar percussion, harmonies and effects has seen him support artists such as Turin Brakes, Jon Gomm and Billy Bragg. A diverse and challenging writer with a unique voice, his live performances range from whispering intensity to a white knuckle, edge of your seat, ear splittingly glorious racket. ... more

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